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Assembly and focusing

Assemble as shown

Adjust the laser focus

This product needs to adjust the focus manually. You can adjust the focus by turning the knob under the laser head inside the fuselage. When the product is powered on, a blue laser spot is emitted without any harm to the human body. Smaller, the better the engraving effect. If you need to carve objects of different thickness, you need to place the object under the product to manually adjust the focus.

The focusing method is as follows

Place the engraved object horizontally directly under the engraving machine, observe the blue light spot, and manually adjust the knob under the laser head. The engraving effect is the best if the light spot is the smallest. Because the laser will reflect, if the color of the surface of the engraved object is light, it will cause the laser spot to reflect, which will increase the difficulty of observing the size of the spot when adjusting the focus. The accessory box of this product comes with a black PVC sheet Because the light spot shines on the black PVC surface is conducive to clearly observing the size of the light spot, it can be placed on the surface of the engraved object to assist in adjusting the focus.

RemarksObserve that the light spot falls to the smallest point on the surface of the object. When it is rotated to the smallest point, the focus has been adjusted. Note that the smaller the focus adjustment, the more refined the image effect. If the focus is not adjusted well, the image may not be engraved. The effective engraving range of the laser focus of this product is between 23mm-45mm (calculated from the laser knob).

Control software download

APP download

Android/IOS usersSearch for “Mini Laser Engraver“, “Laser Engraver“, and “Laser Engraver” in the Google Play/APP Store to download.

PC download

Window Download
Mac Download

App operation guide and usage skills

Connect the device

➊ Open the app and agree to the relevant;
➋ Click scan, select the desired device and click “click to connect” to connect the device.

Connect the device

The APP has photo albums, material libraries, writing boards, shooting, QR codes, and barcodes. There are 6 ways to obtain content:

Photo album

When you click on the album, you can enter the phone album to get the content you want to engrave. After selecting the picture, you can enter the page for editing the picture;

Material library

Clicking on the material library is to get the content you want to engrave by entering the material library that comes with the APP. After selecting the picture, you can enter the page for editing the picture. The material library will update the content from time to time;

White board

After entering the text, you can edit the text accordingly. You can add text paragraphs, rotate and zoom, as shown in the figure, after editing the text, click the upper right corner to send to the next page;


Click to take a picture to get the content you want to engrave through the phone camera, such as portraits, graphics, content on the book, etc. After taking the picture, you can enter the page for editing pictures;

QR code

You can enter or paste the URL to generate a QR code for easy engraving of the QR code graphics;

Bar code

Numbers can be input to generate barcodes for easy engraving of barcode graphics.

Edit the engraving material

Introduction to the menu function of the edit material interface

·Click the back button to return to the home page;
·Click the save button to save the edited material to the album;
·Click the send button and the APP will start sending the material to the engraving machine.
Size: Through input, accurately edit the size and position of the picture;
Text: You can add text to the picture, add multiple text layers, zoom and rotate, and multi-text alignment;
Eraser: You can erase the parts that do not need to be engraved, and you can choose round or square strokes;
Mirror image: the picture is symmetrically flipped, easy to operateInverted Color: the color is reversed;
Mask: choose different shapes to carve partial patterns;
Contrast: Strengthen or weaken the contrast of the picture.

Engraving mode:
Engraving: After clicking engraving and clicking the send button, the picture will be uploaded;
Quick: the pattern composed of lines can be engraved more quickly;
Cutting: suitable for cutting the edge contour of graphics, and also suitable for cutting text and content without noise;
Grayscale: make the picture gray, suitable for bitmap images, right
The content of the degree gray is engraved.

Send: Click the “send” button in the upper right corner to send the picture to the engraving machine. The time to send the picture will vary according to the size of the picture. The larger the picture, the longer the sending time. If the sending progress does not move for a long time, you can try to switch the Bluetooth of the phone and send again .

Add text: When editing pictures, you can add multiple text layers, zoom and rotate, and align multiple texts.

Set size and coordinates: On the size page, you can accurately set the size and precise coordinate positioning of the selected picture.

Engraving parameter setting

Engraving configuration

After sending the picture, it will automatically enter the engraving configuration setting page, and select the material option according to the material to be engraved. If there is no suitable option, you can manually slide the button to adjust the power and speed. The higher the power value, the higher the laser power; the lower the speed value, the slower the engraving speed and the deeper the engraving depth;

Material selection

According to the material to be engraved, you can choose the matching material here. You can test it before engraving. If you cannot meet the requirements, you can manually adjust the slider appropriately. If you feel that the brightness of the light spot when adjusting the focus is too high, you can also lower the preview power appropriately on the engraving configuration page;

Cutting configuration

If the picture is clicked and sent in “Cut”, then there will be cutting configuration options, first select the material, the power value should be the largest and unchanged in the case of cutting, the slower the cutting, the deeper the cutting. Generally, the material with high hardness needs to be cut at a lower speed, or click “again” to cut the original path multiple times after the cut is completed once, in order to achieve the purpose of completing the cutting for different materials

Engraving and preview

After setting the configuration parameters, click the “Send” button to enter the engraving page, where you can preview before engraving to determine the position of the engraving content. If the position is not correct, you can adjust it to the correct position before engraving, as shown in the figure:

Preview button

After clicking, the laser spot will move along the edge of the pattern to be engraved. At this time, you can adjust the position of the material to be engraved to ensure that the engraving is at the ideal position. Click the preview button and run 5 times. After stopping, you can click preview again , You can also click halfway to stop the preview.

Move adjustment

If you need to fine-tune the position of the light spot after previewing, you can adjust the light spot position up, down, left, and right.

Engraving configuration

Click to enter the engraving configuration page. After you start engraving, you find that the configuration needs to be adjusted. You can click Pause to reset the configuration. After that, you can continue to engrave the unfinished engraving content, or you can stop engraving and edit it again.

Start and pause

Click here to start engraving. After starting, you can stop and pause; click “Pause” to set the engraving configuration and click to continue; after completion, you can repeat engraving, or click the next one to start a new creation.

The corresponding material can be selected on the engraving configuration page. Different materials use different power or speed. The higher the power, the deeper the engraving depth, the slower the speed, the deeper the engraving depth. Only when the engraving parameters are adjusted to the most suitable material can engraving Good results.
Finally, confirm the adjustment of the focus, confirm the engraving position, click to start engraving (after starting engraving, you can pause engraving, modify engraving parameters, and continue engraving after saving). After engraving, you can enjoy your engraving work. More material carving works need to be explored. Depending on the material, different effects will be carved, and different carving configurations need to be set.
Some wood has grease, so there will be some smoke effect, you can try to wipe it off, the effect after wiping depends on the material.

APP setting menu introduction

·Click the settings icon in the upper left corner of the homepage to open the settings page:
Help Center: enter the product description;
Game skills: share carving skills and creativity;
APP upgrade: APP upgrade reminder;
Firmware upgrade: firmware upgrade reminder, there is a red dot indicating that there is new firmware, click to upgrade the device’s firmware;
Language switch: Click to enter the page to select the language, and then open the APP again after exiting the APP, and it will be changed to the selected language;
User agreement: APP user agreement;
Customer service mailbox: customer service mailbox, problem feedback.
APP check: Check whether the latest version.

Computer Connection Instructions

❶ Connect the power supply, connect the device and the computer with the datacabl;

❷ Please hold down “Control” + right click on the “Open” button to open the application;

❸ After the prompt window pops up, click the “Open” button;

❹ Click the link button and select the imported image from the material library;

❺ After adjusting the picture, click the button to upload the picture;

❻ After previewing, you can start carving.


❶ This product has a built-in G-Sensor sensor. When the product is working, any movement such as shaking, falling, bumping, tilting, rising or falling will stop working immediately;
❷ This equipment uses high-power laser as the source of heat emission. Do not look directly at the laser head with your eyes. Although there is a G-Sensor device, the weak blue light will damage your eyes when you look directly at it;
❸ When the engraving machine is working, please observe the engraving spot through the translucent bracket;
❹ Please wear goggles;
❺ Children under the age of 12 are forbidden to operate, if you need to operate, please operate under the company of an adult;
❻ Please use this product in an attended place;
❼ If this product is not used for a long time, please use the packaging box to prevent dust from entering the XY axis and cause unsmooth movement. If this product is used for a long time, please apply lubricant to the XY screw and optical axis appropriately;
❽ When cutting wood, the focus of the laser can be adjusted to 2mm below the surface of the wood, so that the laser focus is in the middle of the thickness of the wood, so that the cutting thickness can reach 5mm. When cutting PVC and other plastic materials, harmful gas will be generated due to the material. Please use a fan to blow on the surface of the material to disperse the smoke, and avoid the smoke from adhering to the surface of the internal transmission parts of the product, which affects normal use.

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