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Wonderful X1 Mini Bluetooth Laser Engraver Machine

  • Engraving No Limit
  • The small size
  • The mobile APP has rich functions



Wonderful X1 Mini Bluetooth Laser Engraver Machine

Wonderful X1

Higher Precision & Security Protection

APP Operation
Compact and Portable
High Precision
More Applicable
Engraving Area

Small Body, Not Limited to The Place

The small size can beeasily placed on the desktop, and the bracket can be disassembledand
assembled, and the bracket can be used as goggles, saving transportation space.
Fashionable patent appearance and software copyright up to 8 items.
Power bank andDC power supply, allowing you to engrave anytime and anywhere.

Clearly Engraving Small Details

The engraving resolution of 508dpi ensures that the engraved image is sufficiently
delicate and clear.508dpi pictures can be engraved in 1:1 size, pictures with
other resolutions will be automatically converted to 508dpi,
but the picture size will change.

Precision Laser Module, Continuous Work for 10,000 Hours

1600mw German OSRAM original laser chip combined with efficient heat dissipation and precision glasslens,
manual focus is required, and the focus can beset. The power output of the laser head is
stable andwork continuously for over 10,000 hours, and the engraving depth reaches 2mm.
The precise XY module makes the engraved patterns better and noteasy to fade.
The laser head can be replaced.

APP Operation, Realize Your Multiple Creative Needs

The mobile phone APP(Minilaser engraving machine) is rich in functions and continuously updated.
lt has the functions of multi-layer editing, text editing, eraser, free gesture zoom and precise setting ofsize and coordinates.
The APP contains firmware upgrades, and users can use the APP to upgrade the product and update the
material library during the iteration of the function. with the storage function, you can save the images to the phone album.

Engraving mode:

Bitmap engraving, bitmap gradation engraving, contour cutting,black and white image, grey-scale map, reverse, seal.

lmage format:

JPG, BMP(24bit), TIFF,PNG(below 32bit), PCX (8bit and 24bit), PCD

Operating system:

Windows, Android, ios(computer software can be compatible with mac OS)

Wonderful X1 Mini Bluetooth Laser Engraver Machine

Product Number Wonderful X1
Engraving Area 98*88mm
Engraving Mode X, Y axis drive, semiconductor LD diode light-emitting engraving
Software Supports Voice Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English and Japanese
Image Format JPG, BMP (24bit), TIFF, PNG (below 32bit), PCX (8bit and 24bit), PCD
Image Accuracy 508dpi (508dpi pictures can be engraved in 1:1 size, pictures with other resolutions will be automatically converted to 508dpi, but the picture size will not change)
Support Operating System MAC,WIN,Android,IOS
Is The Laser Replaceable, need tweezers and Phillips screwdriver to assist
Stable Laser Work 0~45 degrees Celsius
Length Of Work Laser module life is more than 10,000 hours
Interface DC power supply: USB (type-C interface)
Engravable Materials Opaque, organic materials that do not add flame retardant materials, such as wood, cardboard, bamboo, leather and other materials, can also be covered with colored paper on the surface of glass, ceramics, metals and other objects, leaving the pattern content and The color of the colored paper. It can also cut softer sheet-shaped materials, such as paper, thin wood, EVA sheet, non-woven fabric, cloth, and other materials
Materials That Cannot Be Engraved Can not be burned, such as: metal (without paint coating), flame-retardant materials, transparent plastic, mirror-finished items, and highly reflective items
Equipment Composition Materials Plastic + Hardware + Circuit Board + Electronic Components
Certification FCC / CE /FDA/TELEC /NCC/WEEE
Size Product size: length 185mm*width 183mm*height 171mm (height after assembly)
Packing size: length 240*width 240*height 240mm
Product Weight 0.9kg
Weight With Packaging And Accessories 1.4kg
Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 cm


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